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Rich Heritage Foundation offers mentorship and professional development to high school and college athletes, fostering personal growth. Our diverse mentors, including former players in non-player roles, lawyers specializing in NIL and legal areas, and professionals aiding in skill transferability, guide athletes through challenges to achieve their goals. Strategically chosen, our mentors share valuable insights, successes, and failures, offering constructive feedback. As role models, they inspire mentees to strive for excellence. Mentorship and Professional Development are core programs at RHF, and all our services are provided free to athletes, relying on generous support and donations like yours. We appreciate your contribution!

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) face a significant disparity in sporting facilities compared to Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). Limited resources and funding at HBCUs result in outdated and inadequate facilities, affecting the student-athlete experience, recruitment, and competitive edge. The Rich Heritage Foundation (RHF) addresses and rectifies these issues through donor support, bridging the gap by providing essential resources and upgrading facilities at HBCUs, fostering equal opportunities in college sports.

Ashley Smith - Rich Heritage Foundation
NIL Mentor

Julia Rock - Rich Heritage Foundation
Sponsor Partner

Elliott Jessup - NCA&T Commit - Reynolds High School - Class of 2024


We realize how important your investment is to you. That’s why we’ve created a unique protection process to ensure your funding makes it to the intended places:

  1. Universities make requests to RHC for their Basketball programs’ needs.
  2. Donor transfers funding to RHC, earmarked for their purpose (or in a general fund).
  3. RHC buys equipment, services, etc, directly from suppliers.
  4. Full donation goes exactly where intended and does not mix with any other University expenditures. *

*Rich Heritage Classic is a Non-Profit, and assumes 11% to cover operating costs.



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